Video Ideas?

Ok, I’m crowdsourcing some ideas today! πŸ˜€

YouTube doesn’t like my videos because they’re “repetitive”, so I have to change how I make them. I think they’re mainly referring to the video part, where I usually find a pretty, calming video clip to loop throughout the affirmations. I thought it was a good visual to go along with the affirmations, but apparently YT thinks this is “unwanted spam”.


Yeah. So……

I thought about stringing together a bunch of clips related to the affirmation subject (for example, the dating affirmations would have clips of happy people dating and having fun), but I’m not sure YT would like that either.

So I’m opening the floor for ideas!

I could just record myself reading the affirmations, but that would be kind of boring, I think? Just me sitting there slowly talking?

Should I do something like record a first person view of me walking in the park, or in nature?

Maybe I could film myself painting or drawing?

I want to find something that viewers find helpful and pleasing, but that YouTube doesn’t smack me for!


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