11 Year Old Crochet Prodigy!

When most people think of crochet, they probably picture little old ladies…but this young boy is busting stereotypes and giving to charity at the same time!

11-year old Jonah Larson has a passion for crochet, and incredible skills to go along with it. His interest began at only 5 years old, where he used a YouTube tutorial to crochet his first project – a dishcloth. Since then, he has created hundreds of items and received orders from all over the world.

Best of all, Jonah gives a lot of his earnings to charity. He was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia, and loves to send funds back to them to help other children. He also has a GoFundMe page for RootsEthiopia, a non-profit that helps local schools buy supplies.

One of his videos has a quote from Jonah that I love: “Very frequently on the news, there’s a lot of bad things happening in the world. But thankfully, there’s a lot of good things too. This coming 2019, I’m going to focus on the good things, not the bad things you see on the news. And I hope you do too.” What a great attitude to have!

Jonah seems wise beyond his years, and his dedication and giving spirit is an inspiration to us all! 

You can check out Jonah’s Instagram here, and his Facebook here.


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