Solar panels generate power – while saving water!

A new way to save water is on the way – using solar panels! California’s Turlock Irrigation District has a cool plan to solve two problems at once, by installing solar panels over the canals that carry water through the state.

The solar panels would generate energy, while doing the double duty of greatly reducing evaporation of the water due to heat and sun. In turn, the cooling effect of the water helps keep the solar panels from overheating and losing efficiency.

What a great idea!

Read the full article here: California Will Stick Solar Panels Over Canals to Fight Two Disasters at Once

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A farmers best friend – birds! has a great article about how farmers are using nature’s natural pest control – birds – to protect crops. From bluebirds eating damaging worms and insects, to barn owls eating hundreds of mice per season, our flying friends are helping us grow food, while enjoying their natural lives!

Check out the article here: At Orchards and Vineyards, Birds Are Outperforming Pesticides

Betty White fundraiser raises 12 million for shelter animals!

Betty White’s 100th birthday would have been on January 17th, and animal lovers decided to honor her with a wildly successful fundraiser! A whopping 12.7 million dollars was raised by the #BettyWhiteChallenge to support animal shelters and rescues. Betty was a passionate animal lover, so it’s wonderful to see her memory honored in such a wonderful way! Check out the whole story here.

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The Ocean Cleanup: Final Test Extraction Successful!

Good news! On October 11, The Ocean Cleanup project finished their final test run of System 002, designed to clear plastic garbage out of the ocean. The test run cleaned 20,000 pounds of garbage out of the water!

Their goal is to clean most of the Pacific Garbage Patch by 2040. Much of this trash consists of fishing nets and other commercial fishing debris, while the rest is consumer plastic that ends up in the water system. While there’s still a big path ahead, it’s wonderful to hear that the test run was successful, and we could be on the way to a cleaner ocean very soon!

Check out their Twitter here to stay up to date!

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REVIEW: ‘The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance’ Season One

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There has been a shift in bold approaches when it comes to the art of film. Television has become the proving ground where new and unique concepts can be given the freedom to explore and play at larger budgets than before. The artistry and craft behind television especially in the age of streaming has never been higher, which is the reason why The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance exists. The 1982 Jim Henson puppet film, The Dark Crystal was a failure, but over the years it has gained a large cult following for its artistry and it’s unique way of bringing audiences into a fantasy world. This cult status grew more and more after Jim Henon’s passing with more people praising it for the amount of work that went into making that fantasy world come to life. There had been talks about a sequel because of the cult status, but…

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