Free Self-Improvement Kindle books!

Many libraries are beginning to loan out e-books, though the selection may be a little small. Fortunately, there are hundreds of free e-books just waiting to be found online! I went on a search and found a selection of self-improvement Kindle e-books on Amazon that are currently FREE.

As they are probably promotions, these books may not stay free for long, so grab them while you can. 😉 I haven’t read these yet (I just downloaded them myself), but they sound like helpful and informative reads. Click “buy on Amazon” on the links below to get to each book’s listing.


If you read any of these books, let me know what you think! 🙂


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Little Free Libraries!

Reading is one of the best ways to learn and exercise your mind, and a great way to give children an intellectual boost that will serve them for the rest of their lives. But sometimes libraries are too far away, closed too often, or somehow inaccessible to people who need them.

Enter the Little Free Library! This cool non-profit aims to help easily spread the joy of reading by creating small book collections in local neighborhoods.


Volunteers build small shelving boxes, then fill them with a variety of books. Anyone can borrow and read the books, just like a normal library!

There are lots of cool and cute designs people have made (check out the gallery here!), but one of the coolest was made by Sharalee Armitage Howard of Idaho. She had to cut down a massive 110 year tree on her property, but instead of removing it completely, she turned it into an awesome Little Free Library!


What a beautiful way to help people while honoring the life of this majestic tree. ❤ There’s a nice article about Sharalee’s creation here.

I think these Little Free Libraries are a great idea! It would be especially helpful in low income neighborhoods, where residents may not have the transportation to travel. It also solves the problem of time, because unlike an official library with set business hours, the Little Free Library is self-service and accessible 24/7.

Check out the map to see if there’s a LFL near you, or maybe even build one yourself! 🙂


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Emerging from the Acorn

I’ve been listening to old episodes of the Consciously Speaking podcast, and a point from one of the interviews stood out to me. In episode 307, while discussing his Emergence theory, teacher Derek Rydall says:

“Our whole idea of how we’re meant to grow and unfold is backwards. The oak is already in the acorn. The acorn doesn’t go out and achieve an oak or attract an oak or become worthy of an oak. And the acorn itself isn’t an inadequate oak tree, it’s a perfect acorn, it just has a lot more potential. When the conditions are right, that potential naturally emerges out of the seed.”


I love this analogy! We tend to believe that we start as an empty blank, and that greatness and happiness are things outside of us that we have to search for and find. But in reality, greatness is within us all along. Our job is to plant it, cultivate it, and help it grow.

If the conditions are right, a humble acorn can become a mighty oak. We can create the right conditions by paying attention to what makes us happy and fulfilled, and moving toward that as much as possible. Make the effort to surround yourself with good people, places, and experiences, and it’s like fertilizer to a hungry seed.

Think of yourself as a perfect acorn, with a tall oak tree inside you. You already have the power to become that tree, so believe in yourself and start growing!



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Teacher Spotlight – Abraham Hicks

One of my favorite teachers in the area of positivity and good living is Abraham Hicks. Esther Hicks is a medium who appears to be able to mentally channel “Abraham”, a group of non-physical entities, and pass on their teachings. Now, that’s a big claim – to be able to talk to inter-dimensional beings – and it’s natural to be skeptical! But what I’ve found is that, regardless of where they come from, the lessons taught by Esther/Abraham are genuinely good and useful.


Abraham teaches that your thoughts and emotions help determine what happens in your life, good or bad. You have the choice to dwell on negative and unwanted thoughts, or to keep your focus on positive, hopeful ones. By keeping your thoughts and emotions positive, you send out energy that attracts positive things to you.

Whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, which is what this philosophy is generally known as, it’s clear that this way of thinking can lead to a much better life. Dwelling on sadness, fear, shame, and other negative emotions can only keep you down. No one has a good life when they’re huddled in a corner feeling miserable. By focusing on the good, you put yourself in a better state of mind and body and are more likely to move forward and succeed.

If I have a criticism of Abraham, it’s that they talk in a very verbose, meandering kind of way that’s sometimes hard to understand at first. It took me a few talks to click with the style of speaking and really get what they’re saying. But once you get used to the speaking style, there’s a ton of great information there.

I encourage everyone to check out some of Abraham’s teachings! I’ve found the advice to be very useful. There are lots of talks on YouTube, and plenty of books as well, if you prefer reading.

I hope everyone has a fantastic day! 🙂


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Good News Report: Trees, and lots of them!

A young German boy named Felix Finkbeiner has a big goal – to battle climate change by planting a trillion trees!


In 2007, Felix founded Plant for the Planet, an organization that empowers kids all over the world to plant trees. He was inspired by the work of Wangari Maathai, who created an initiative to plant 30 million trees across Africa.

Plant for the Planet has grown so big that Felix was even invited to speak at the UN, and he’s now in charge of a program to plant a TRILLION trees!

I love seeing young folks take an interest in activism and positive change. You can find out more about Plant for the Planet here.

And check out these other resources about Felix and his program:

Facebook Page

National Geographic

UN Billion tree campaign

Trillion Trees

Good News Network


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A Wrinkle in Time and Consciousness

I saw the new movie A Wrinkle in Time over the weekend. I read the book as a child (fourth or fifth grade, I think?), but I don’t remember much about it, so the movie was basically new to me. I was surprised to see that the story revolves around several ideas of consciousness that I’ve been learning a lot about lately.


The main plot happens because of quantum physics, when the lead character’s father finds a way to use vibration to travel across space. Vibration is the cornerstone of theories of consciousness and law of attraction, since every thought and emotion we have creates a vibration that is transmitted out into the universe, which the universe then responds to with a matching vibration. Scientists in the film also touch on quantum entanglement, which is the ability of two related particles to interact even across vast distances.

The main villain is a dark creature that infects societies with negativity, which spreads and multiplies and slowly tears people apart. This also relates to theories of consciousness, because negativity and positivity can be spread through our group consciousness and affect the overall energy level of the human race.

I thought it was interesting to see these ideas in a kid’s movie! They aren’t explored very deeply, as this is mostly a fantasy adventure film, but it’s still cool that these concepts are being introduced to a young audience. Hopefully they will look into it and learn about the power of thought early on, and not wait until middle age like me! 😛


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