Journal Exercise – The Perfect “Whatever”!

I’ve recently started a new visualization exercise when I do my daily journaling, and it’s a lot of fun! I call it “The Perfect Whatever”. With this exercise, you choose a topic, any topic, and describe your perfect version of it!


For example, imagine the perfect Saturday. What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with? Journal vividly about each moment of the day, imagining all the details. Let yourself go wild; remember, it’s YOUR perfect version, so nothing is off limits!

Do this with any topic you wish! Some other examples could be:

-Your perfect vacation
-Your perfect job
-Your perfect social circle
-Your perfect home
-Your perfect date
-Your perfect movie or TV show
-Your perfect meal
-Your perfect pet

In case anyone needs an example, I’ll post one of my Perfect Whatevers. I love movies, so I chose to imagine my perfect movie studio. Here’s what I wrote:

My movie studio is the best! We make wonderful, fun, quality movies that bring people joy. The focus of my studio is my favorite genres – sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal – but I’m open to any great idea.

The staff is diverse, and I hire diverse creators as well. Everyone is paid well and has great benefits. One of my main goals is to find new, undiscovered talent and give them a chance to shine – I never just hire whatever big name actor or director is the rage at the time. Everything about my studio is progressive, and positive representation is a priority. Female characters in particular would be awesome, and give little girls lots of cool, non-stereotypical role models.

I don’t have to worry about sales or revenue, because I’m a multi-millionaire. Still, I always hire the best advertising companies to market my films. I personally oversee the trailers, to make sure they’re the highest quality and that nothing is spoiled in them!

For my big space opera and fantasy properties, I make associated media like toys, novels, video games, board games, D&D modules, and any other cool thing I can think of. I’m friendly with fans, and encourage fan creativity like fanfic, fanart, and cosplay.

My movie studio makes awesome movies that bring people joy, as well as treating the creators well and respecting the audience. My studio is the BEST!

Give this exercise a try, and let me know what you think! 🙂


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Reverse To-Do List!

Lots of people make to-do lists, but have you ever made a REVERSE to-do list? I’ve started one for 2018! 🙂

What exactly is a reverse to-do list? Well, I suppose you could also call it an accomplishment journal. Last fall I got a cute little lined journal at a craft store, and it’s been turned into my new daily accomplishment journal.


Every time I accomplish something or get something done, I write it on the list. Even small, simple things get written down, like refilling the bird feeder, taking out the trash, or shaving my legs (hey, it’s easy to forget in winter when you’re constantly in long pants! XD ) So it’s basically a to-do list, except things are logged *after* they’re done instead of before.


By the time bedtime comes around, I have a nice list of small accomplishments for the day. Big changes in life are often made from a collection of small changes, so I believe that logging the good things I do each day can lead to greater improvements. And even if nothing spectacular happens that day, it makes each day feel meaningful, in its own little way!

It also encourages taking immediate action, because it feels good to log completed tasks. Instead of thinking “I’ll clean the litter boxes sometime today”, I find myself doing it immediately so I can have the satisfaction of writing it on my reverse to-do list. 🙂

What do you think? Are you going to try an accomplishment journal?


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