Manifestation in Action!

I had a cool little manifestation happen today! I was browsing amazon this morning and window shopping; just filling up my wish list with cool things I would like to have. I like to paint, so I browsed the art supplies and added a few items.

One of the things I spent some time looking at were easels. So far all of my painting has been done flat on a table, so I looked at some easels and put a couple of them on my wish list just for fun.


Later in the day, I took a trip to Michael’s to restock on canvases. I had planned on buying a multipack of 12×12 or so sized canvases, because it’s a good bargain to buy them in bulk. Lo and behold, they were having a special – buy a multipack of any sized canvas, and get a small table easel for free!


I put out the desire to have an easel, and the universe helped me get one! And it didn’t cost a thing, because it was a reward for buying something I was going to buy anyway.

It’s thrilling to see the law of attraction in action! Let’s all get to work manifesting all kinds of good things. 🙂


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I had something very cool happen today! 😀

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about serendipity, those handy coincidences that happen to bring us exactly what we need. Positivity and a high vibration can help the universe hear what you need and send it to you at exactly the right time. I experienced this earlier today!

My elderly aunt is moving, and I’ve been helping her sort her belongings and pack them up. We needed large cardboard boxes, so I headed to the local recycle dropoff in the hopes of finding a box or two in good enough shape to use. When I got there, I discovered that pickup had happened the previous day…the bins were completely empty! This is a somewhat rural location, so it can take a long time for the bins to fill up. I got ready to leave empty-handed, but as I was walking to my car, a man drove up in a truck. Guess what was in the bed of the truck?

Of course, lots of clean, sturdy cardboard boxes! Turns out he had just moved as well, and was dropping off the containers he no longer needed. He helped me load the flattened boxes into my car, and I had a dozen or so perfect moving boxes. The guy was super nice too!


This was a fun example of serendipity. I came looking for boxes at the worst possible time, but the universe made sure I got them anyway. Thank you, Universe, and thank you Truck Guy!

I hope to see these coincidences more and more. Positivity is the key! 🙂

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