Manifestation in Action!

I had a cool little manifestation happen today! I was browsing amazon this morning and window shopping; just filling up my wish list with cool things I would like to have. I like to paint, so I browsed the art supplies and added a few items.

One of the things I spent some time looking at were easels. So far all of my painting has been done flat on a table, so I looked at some easels and put a couple of them on my wish list just for fun.


Later in the day, I took a trip to Michael’s to restock on canvases. I had planned on buying a multipack of 12×12 or so sized canvases, because it’s a good bargain to buy them in bulk. Lo and behold, they were having a special – buy a multipack of any sized canvas, and get a small table easel for free!


I put out the desire to have an easel, and the universe helped me get one! And it didn’t cost a thing, because it was a reward for buying something I was going to buy anyway.

It’s thrilling to see the law of attraction in action! Let’s all get to work manifesting all kinds of good things. 🙂


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