Emerging from the Acorn

I’ve been listening to old episodes of the Consciously Speaking podcast, and a point from one of the interviews stood out to me. In episode 307, while discussing his Emergence theory, teacher Derek Rydall says:

“Our whole idea of how we’re meant to grow and unfold is backwards. The oak is already in the acorn. The acorn doesn’t go out and achieve an oak or attract an oak or become worthy of an oak. And the acorn itself isn’t an inadequate oak tree, it’s a perfect acorn, it just has a lot more potential. When the conditions are right, that potential naturally emerges out of the seed.”


I love this analogy! We tend to believe that we start as an empty blank, and that greatness and happiness are things outside of us that we have to search for and find. But in reality, greatness is within us all along. Our job is to plant it, cultivate it, and help it grow.

If the conditions are right, a humble acorn can become a mighty oak. We can create the right conditions by paying attention to what makes us happy and fulfilled, and moving toward that as much as possible. Make the effort to surround yourself with good people, places, and experiences, and it’s like fertilizer to a hungry seed.

Think of yourself as a perfect acorn, with a tall oak tree inside you. You already have the power to become that tree, so believe in yourself and start growing!



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