Little Free Libraries!

Reading is one of the best ways to learn and exercise your mind, and a great way to give children an intellectual boost that will serve them for the rest of their lives. But sometimes libraries are too far away, closed too often, or somehow inaccessible to people who need them.

Enter the Little Free Library! This cool non-profit aims to help easily spread the joy of reading by creating small book collections in local neighborhoods.


Volunteers build small shelving boxes, then fill them with a variety of books. Anyone can borrow and read the books, just like a normal library!

There are lots of cool and cute designs people have made (check out the gallery here!), but one of the coolest was made by Sharalee Armitage Howard of Idaho. She had to cut down a massive 110 year tree on her property, but instead of removing it completely, she turned it into an awesome Little Free Library!


What a beautiful way to help people while honoring the life of this majestic tree. ❤ There’s a nice article about Sharalee’s creation here.

I think these Little Free Libraries are a great idea! It would be especially helpful in low income neighborhoods, where residents may not have the transportation to travel. It also solves the problem of time, because unlike an official library with set business hours, the Little Free Library is self-service and accessible 24/7.

Check out the map to see if there’s a LFL near you, or maybe even build one yourself! 🙂


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