Manifestation in Action #2!

I wrote a few months ago about an accidental manifestation I experienced, and today it happened again! 😀

I’ve been looking into getting some probiotics, which are good bacteria that colonize your intestines and help you digest food and absorb nutrients. My mother overheard me talking about it and checked out the probiotic supplements at a local store yesterday…she came back disappointed at the high prices.

She insisted that they weren’t worth it, but I argued that our health is so important that I would be willing to get some even if it was a pinch on the wallet.

While I was out today, my intuition insisted that I stop at Kroger and get some things that were on my grocery list. To my surprise and delight, there in the middle of the store was a clearance rack. And guess what I found on clearance? You guessed it, probiotics!


I found two bottles of chewable probiotic supplements, as well as some green superfood powder with probiotics included. All of them were deeply discounted from the regular shelf price.

I believe the universe nudged me to the store that day to find these discounted items because I had made the decision to get them no matter what. I put my health first, and the universe tossed a little help into my path. 🙂

Put your needs and desires out to the universe, and let it help you achieve them! Be sure to listen to your intuition as well; it’s there to guide you. It never hurts to try!


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