Bird Clean-up Crew!

A theme park in France has trained birds to provide a helpful public service – picking up trash!

Puy du Fou, a popular historical theme park in western France, keeps their park clean with the help of a crew of six birds. The birds are Rooks, a member of the Corvid family, which includes crows, ravens, and magpies. These birds are known for their incredible intelligence and learning ability.


The rooks help keep the park clean by picking up cigarette butts and other trash, then putting them in a bin in exchange for food treats. The park’s owners hope these avian litter-cleaners will inspire us humans to take better care of our environment as well!

A Dutch company called Crowded Cities is hoping to use these super smart birds to clean on a larger scale. They’re testing a new device, called a “Crow Bar”, that rewards wild birds for bringing in cigarette butts. It should be interesting to see where they’re able to go with this cool idea!


Isn’t nature awesome? 🙂


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